Review: The MORNING RUSH RADIO SHOW w/ KC & Carmen

      I will admit, I am nobody to most people, no one knows me at all. I am just someone that wants to put my opinions out there to be heard. The government is not what it use to be, and people you may really need to wake up and face the facts that THINGS ARE CHANGING AND IF YOU DON’T FACE THAT FACT – you will be left in the dust.

     I started listening to the Rush Radio WRDU-FM, Rush Radio – the Morning Show with KC and Carmen. I have to say that they bring to light that other radio stations are scared of reporting and/or talk about. I feel everyone needs to listen to all of this show and you can listen to them either on their radio station which in the RDU area is 106.1 WRDU, just because they are not bias at all, they tell you what they think, feel, and what is reported on TV, Radio, or other means and they will tell you normally which is crap and what is not crap. They are not racist at all (Like I said I have listened to them for over a year now), I can say this because I have not heard them say anything in the year I have been listening to them say a bad word about any ethnic group at all, but they will talk about the negative things that goes with all ethnic groups. Like I said they tell it like it is, which is the way radio should be, do not get me wrong they have their limits as well and they will tell you when they can not say something and make fun of it (letting you know it is more to it than meets the eye) this is how everything should be like television should be as well. Television is controlled harshly by the government and if you cross that you will lose your job real fast. I admire that whole station, all of the Rush Radio shows, they might agree with each other and also they may disagree and they are not afraid to say so. News is nothing more than a bunch of corporations running things and trying to make you follow what they want you to do. News shows people mostly bad things, they hardly ever show positive things that is done around the world, just mainly the negative stuff. Except – WRDU-FM Rush Radio!!!! They tell it like it is and nothing more. So I tip my hat off to all of the staff at WRDU-FM.


Thank You for a Great Show…….. Loyal Listener (RX8Madness)

   People may not like what they say, but they can get over it. I will say this, prepare yourself for the worst and start now. Do Not Wait – start preparing and practicing on you and your families survival.

Rush Radio Station Website:

The Morning Rush Radio Show w/ KC and Carmen:     5:30 am to 9:00 am

Give them a try and do not be afraid to let me know what you think.

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5 Responses to Review: The MORNING RUSH RADIO SHOW w/ KC & Carmen

  1. Carmen Conners says:

    I was just sent the link to this by a friend and I would like to say ‘thank you’. Your words reflect what we work to do everyday; tell the news, tell the truth and give our opinion. Thank you for saying that we’re doing just that.

    Much love!

  2. To be honest I agree with you a hundred percent. They do make sense in what they talk about and are neutral about what they talk about. This is the way news should be like but, besides the crap you always see on the television, it is not just the morning show as you stated it is the whole Rush Radio Channel. I for one am very glad they are around, in the area I live in I have to listen to it on the Internet due to poor signal. Thank you for mentioning them and Rush Limbaugh, a lot of people hate them or misunderstand them but they are correct on most of the things they talk about.

    • While listening to your show on the 9th about the child molester. I agree with you a hundred percent and I think the father should be allowed to kill the man who did that to his son without persecution.

  3. margo says:

    listen to your show on the way to work in the am. Must say I am impressed with what you say each morning. Being able to give your opinion on something whether we like it or not is what America is all about. Damn the one’s who try to stop this! Great show. Continue the good work. Love it!

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